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This project is aiming on developing a new tool which helps you to synchronize your different data-environments.
You are working with two PCs or more and have propably some mobile-devices, then you know the problem.
You've made some file-changes on your notebook and later you want to work on your desktop-pc and have to copy the changed files manualy on your local system of your desktop-pc.
PowerSync will help you to handle this problem on an easy way.

Just installed on your diffrent devices, you choose the folders to be observed and PowerSync will do the job.

Scheduled Features

  • General Features
    • Two-way syncronization
    • Auto-Sync
    • Outlook-syncronization
    • Auto-detection of clients with running instance of PowerSync
    • support for mobile-devices (compatible with windows mobile 6 or later)
  • Other Features
    • Ad-hoc syncronization
    • Merging-Functionality
    • Reporting
    • syncronoziation by OS-job
    • Web-update
    • API for implementation of various datatypes and applications


  • Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (SP1)
  • .NET-Framework 3.5 SP1

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